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Location:United States of America

**I will not friend you if you don't leave a comment on the first post and tell me who you are, sorry!**

Regarding Brie

- more than a little random
- quite the proud momma
- frequently hyper and spazzy
- a writer with a passion for boys loving boys
- co-writer of awesome fics
- a little bit obsessive but healthily so
- open and loving to anyone who's open and loving back
- non-judgmental♥♥♥
- drama free♥♥♥
- Master List of Fiction
- Brie and Char's Master List of Awesome

Regarding Fandom

.:Supernatural:. .:The Dead Zone:. .:Glee:. .:Sherlock Holmes:. .:Dexter:. .:NCIS:. .:Star Trek:. .:Torchwood:. .:Merlin:. .:Lord of the Rings:. .:Dollhouse:. .:Fringe:. .:Mythbusters:. .:Alton Brown:. .:Queer as Folk:. .:Buffy the Vampire Slayer:. .:Angel:. .:Velvet Goldmine:. .:The Boondock Saints:. .:Star Wars:. .:Dead Like Me:. .:Poppy Z. Brite:. .:Interview with the Vampire:. .:Kingdom Hearts:. .:Neil Gaiman:.

Regarding Ships

.:Sam/Dean:. .:Jared/Jensen:. .:Chris/Chad:. .:Mike/Misha:. .:Puck/Kurt:. .:Tom/Mike:. .:Tony/Gibbs:. .:Kirk/Spock:. .:Merlin/Arthur:. .:Orlando/Elijah:. .:Orlando/Viggo:. .:Monaboyd:. .:Harry/Draco:. .:Harry/Ron:. .:Harry/Snape:. .:Harry/Fred:. .:Harry/George:. .:Remus/Sirius:. .:George/Fred:. .:Will/Jack:. .:Jack/Ennis:. .:Brian/Justin:. .:Conner/Murphey:. .:Anakain/Obi Wan:. .:Sora/Riku:.

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